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Getting out with friends and family in an RV is extremely fun and will create lifelong memories! However, here at Premier we want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Down below, you will see multiple links, all of which contain information that could come in handy while planning for your next getaway.


Go RVing –

Go RVing gives you all the information you could possibly want while planning your vacation. Their biggest pro is that they have a search function to find RV campgrounds around any zip code in the United States. They also have a lot of other fun things on their site, such as games to play at the campground and good recipes for camping(trust us this is vital)!


US Campgrounds –

This website gives a generic map of all public campgrounds in the United States and Canada. They provide downloadable data so you can have access to their maps on the go.


Sanidumps – allows users to insert their zip code which then brings up all dumping stations near you. While gross, this is essential.


RV Park Reviews –

Kind of like “Yelp” for RV parks, this website allows RVers from all over the U.S. to share their experiences and give you advice on where to go and where to avoid. While this can be very helpful, keep in mind that not everyone on the internet has a “perfect” opinion.


RV With Tito –

This website is run by a couple who are full time “RVers” and spend a lot of their time making articles and videos with subjects ranging from beginner basics to how to install solar panels on your unit. They have a lot of videos on YouTube and they consistently put out new content.